LHNet Ordering Services gets whatever you need online with a quick and professional response. From products that are unavailable locally, to products that you see advertised on TV, Internet and other media.



Services include:

  • Ordering and shipping your products directly to your country or other specified addresses

  • Ordering your products and shipping them to your USA mailbox

  • Ordering vehicles and vehicle parts directly from Japan and China

  • Sending flowers, gifts and similar items to your friends/family abroad on special occasions

  • Subscribing to magazines, books, etc.

  • Paying for other transactions, which requires a credit card, e.g., tickets

  • Carrying out payments, through PayPal, on your behalf



LHNet Ordering Services charges 15% of the cost of the product, which includes: 

  • Researching and ordering the product

  • Tracking to ensure safe delivery

  • Handling any problem that may arise

  • Scheduling the shipment for just-in-time (JIT) delivery

  • Clearing items from the Customs Department (only offered locally)

  • Sending regular updates to customers - Order confirmation, Shipping confirmation etc

  • Mainland shipping