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Growing up on the tiny island of Montserrat, with a volcano wreaking havoc on life, and shifting the landscape daily, Lyandra Hobson used focus and determination to become one of the island's most respected entrepreneurs. In this book, she shows how implementing practical strategies to bring about positive changes to all aspects of our lives, from relationships to well being, and from personal development to financial management, can help us to achieve the life we want.


She shows us not only how to own our story but also how to transform our life into one worth celebrating and loving.

Own It! provides all the right tools to bring the necessary structure to our life, ultimately achieving the life we want.



About the Author

Lyandra Hobson has been an entrepreneur for over 19 years. She is the CEO of LHNet Ordering Services, a company which started by ordering products online for customers and has since expanded to travel planning and meal prepping services. 


Her passion for writing is vibrantly reflected in her blogs on Personal Development, Health and Fitness, Finance, and Business.  Lyandra is known for being well-organized, with a flair for excellence, and as a result, has had various successes. These include being crowned Miss Montserrat at the age of 19 and serving as the President of the Rotaract Club, the internationally recognized service organization. The experiences from these and other successes have lent some input to this book. She now shares her formula on how to achieve success in Own It!

She is also a mother and lives in Montserrat, West Indies.

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