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Planning to travel while also planning to have a good time?

Let LHNet help you get the most out of your travels. We are here as your personal travel planner to take the stress away from your planning so that you can relax knowing it's taken care of and be able to maximise your time during your travel.

LHNet will completely research your preferred destination and prepare a personally designed itinerary of activities and events, based on your interests and other relevant information.


This will include:

  • Finding the best ticket deals

  • List of things you should know about the country/state/city

  • Suggestions of  must-go places and other areas worth visiting

  • Most popular tourist attractions and their history

  • Interesting events happening near your  place of stay

  • Destination related travel essentials - what to carry and what not to carry

  • Links to convenient accommodation based on your preference

  • Information on how to stay safe and healthy

  • Recommendations for local food and drinks

  • A proposed budget showing the costs for all activities

Who should take advantage of this service?


  • Everyone!

  • If your profession keeps you too busy to plan your travel

  • If you want to stay focused on other areas and don't have that time to invest in your planning

  • New to travel and don't have the know-how

  • Wanting to explore the country/state/city and not be limited to your nearby surroundings

  • Looking to save on your travel as much as possible

The amazing benefits of using our service:

  • It would prove to be a learning experience with the depth of information you will be provided

  • It will help you to maximise your stay

  • You will gain a greater understanding of the culture

  • You will be provided with options for the most economical travel deals so you can stay within budget 

  • Options for alternate routes to get to your destination at a reasonable cost and also a chance to view other countries on the way.


We offer two (2) packages:

  1. Planning and arranging your complete travel to include purchasing of airline tickets, accomodation, local transportation and itinerary of activities - Cost - 10% of package deal

  2. Providing a personally designed itinerary of activities and events only - US$50 per itinerary 

(deposit is required in advance to begin the process and final payment is due after completion)


Contact us today to start getting the most out of your travels! 

Email: or Call/Whatsapp 1-664-393-5020. "Let us do the work for you!

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