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Our Meal prep service caters to all needs, whether you have special dietary restrictions, allergies. We cater to diabetics, disabled, elderly living alone, the health conscious, busy professionals, construction workers, persons looking to lose or gain weight etc. 
The process:
1. First, we would require you to contact a Nutritionist to discuss a meal plan that would cater to your goal
2. After we receive your meal plan we would put together a shopping list for you to purchase the items. (We can also do the shopping on your behalf at an additional cost)
3. We would come to your home and prepare all meals to include breakfast, lunch or dinner, for the period you require e.g. 2 weeks, 1 month etc (preparing at our location would be an additional cost)
$280xcd for 2 weeks (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
$500xcd for 1 month (breakfast, lunch, dinner)



Lyandra Hobson

CEO of

LHNet Ordering Services

Jineal Badhoo


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